Garden City High School students competed in the Junior and Senior divisions of the Long Island Science Congress. (Courtesy of Garden City Public Schools)

Garden City Students Excel At Long Island Science Congress

Garden City High School Honors Science Research students recently showcased their projects at the 75th anniversary Senior Division of the Long Island Science Congress (LISC) at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Under the guidance of Dr. Meredith Foley and Dr. Steven Gordon, students presented their diverse projects alongside over 850 students from Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Their investigations covered a wide range of topics, including Alzheimer’s disease, fetal diagnosis, osteoporosis, learning and memory, and the physics of musical instruments. Titles included: “The Effect of Korean Ginseng and SLT (Sailuotong) on Learning and Memory of Flightless Fruit Flies,” “Slime Mold Navigation Patterns on Continental Shelves of 3D Printed Maps,” “A Deep Learning Algorithm to Identify and Predict Tissue Abnormality in Fetal Ultrasounds,” “Investigating Geo2R Datasets in Brain Regions of Alzheimer’s Disease Patients,” “Using an Intraoral Scanner to Extract and Evaluate Contours of Oboe Reeds” and “Simulation of Bone Hardness and Stress Tolerance in Osteoporosis via 3D Printed Human Femurs.”

GCHS Freshmen Science Research Honors students also competed in the Junior Division of the LISC one day earlier. Under the mentorship of Ms. Flaherty, these students also presented their projects, covering a diverse range of topics such as the impact of nitrogen levels on Daphnia magna, the effects of sunscreen on Lemna minor growth, and the social dynamics of rock, paper, scissors.

With over 1700 students participating in the Long Island Science Congress, both junior and senior division projects were evaluated in three rounds of judging, and winners will be announced later this year.

— Submitted by Garden City Public Schools

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