It was a gorgeous day to learn about science! (Photos courtesy of the Science Museum of Long Island)

Fun At ScienceStock!

There was fun – and learning – galore at June’s ScienceStock celebration, hosted by the Science Museum of Long Island. Inspired by the iconic Woodstock, ScienceStock offered a unique blend of nature immersion, hands-on scientific exploration, conservation education, and live music performances at the picturesque Leeds Pond Preserve overlooking Manhasset Bay. The event was designed not only as a source of entertainment but also as a platform for promoting educational opportunities focused on science education, nature exploration, conservation, and sustainable practices that can be integrated into daily life. Attendees immersed themselves in nature while participating in hands-on science activities and learning about conservation efforts.

Just Getting Started

Kevin James Thornton’s super second act

By Amanda Olsen • May 10, 2024


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