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Farmingdale Honors Outstanding Achievement

The Farmingdale School District is delighted to extend its warm congratulations to the exceptional individuals selected as honorees for their remarkable accomplishments. Join us for the induction ceremony on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. as we gather in the Lecture Hall at Farmingdale High School to celebrate and recognize these outstanding members of our community. We invite all family, friends, and colleagues to attend, share their joy, and celebrate their hard work and achievements.

Announcing the 2024 Wall of Fame Honorees:

Mr. Robert Waligunda (Class of 1963), a Master Pilot Balloonist, founded a successful balloon business after being inspired by hot air balloons. He gained national recognition for his achievements in ballooning, including a flight across the U.S. called “The Great American Balloon Adventure.” His contributions extended to Hollywood, theme parks, and philanthropy. Mr. Waligunda’s legacy is honored at the Smithsonian Air Space Museum.

Mr. Greg Warnokowski (Class of 1985), Farmingdale’s Director of Fine and Performing Arts, has extensive professional studies and experience as a band director. He is a skilled musician and pianist who performs with popular bands on Long Island. Appointed in 2020, he showed exceptional leadership during COVID-19, maintaining a high-quality arts program. He is a former president of the Nassau Music Educators Association and has served in various organizational roles. In September 2023, the Farmingdale Community faced an insurmountable tragedy. During this challenging time, Mr. Warnokowski focused on supporting our community and ensuring that our music and arts programs continue to thrive.

Dr. John R. Balcuk (Class of 2000) holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical and Health Education from Adelphi University, a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Chamberlain University in 2023, and has transitioned from teaching to nursing. Passionate about reducing nurse stress and promoting self-care, he focuses on staff development and leadership, leading a hospital-based CNA program. Dr. Balcuk is involved in hockey fundraising events and aims to pursue a full-time academic career.

Read more about our 2024 Wall of Fame inductees by visiting our website at and join us on May 29 at 6:30 p.m. for the Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Farmingdale High School.

—Submitted by the Farmingdale School District

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