(Photo courtesy of Lenny Cohen)

Everything But The Hamentashen

At Congregation Beth Tikvah, in Wantagh, Rabbi Weisblum and Morah Dahlia gave a brief introduction to the Hebrew School children about the custom of giving Shalach Manot packages to people on Purim. Morah Dahlia told about how important it is especially for the soldiers because they are separated from their family and friends. Cookie Cohen briefly told how she read that in Israel, children always do this mitzvah for soldiers.

An assembly line was set up and the children each filled two or three bags with goodies for the soldiers. When that was done, Len provided them with Purim notes where they could write short greetings and draw pictures, and these were also put into the bags.

When the project was completed, Len asked if anyone knew what was missing. Many of the children knew the answer. Hamentashen! He explained that unlike the treats they packed, hamentashen would not “travel” well to Israel, and arrangements are in place for them to be added in Israel before the bags are distributed to the soldiers.

Even for the youngest, it’s important to give them a hands-on opportunity to do this important mitzvah connecting them to both a beautiful Purim custom and to the soldiers of the IDF who are defending the State of Israel.

—Submitted by Jo-Ann Hertzman

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