Students fundraise to fight cancer. (Photos from Glen Cove School District)

Elementary Students Fundraise For Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

Landing Elementary School hosted its annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night fundraiser. This year’s fundraiser was especially important because the school honored local resident Annabelle Martone, who is currently battling T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Anabelle is a kindergarten student at Deasy School, and her brother, Oliver, is a fifth-grade student at Landing Elementary.

Students participated in activities throughout the month of May, including spirit days, as well as dance- and walk-a-thons. One fundraiser, named “Stuck for a Buck,” allowed students to pay a dollar each to stick Landing Elementary’s principal, Jacklyn Burnett, to the wall.

Landing School’s “Stuck for a Buck” fundraiser

School spirit days were themed around Anabelle’s favorite things, and on June 12, Glen Cove Students gathered in pink to take a group picture to show support for her.

“Annabelle’s courage has touched all of our hearts,” Principal Burnett said, “and our school community has come together in an incredible way to support her and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”

The annual fundraiser began over 15 years ago. It was originally titled “Pennies for Patients.” Students got small cardboard boxes to fill with change and bring to school. Over the years, the fundraiser became more digital.

Students wearing pink to support Annabelle during Spirit Week

However, this year, the fundraiser went back to its “old school” tradition. Students were given Ziploc bags and contributed to class donations. On Fridays, bags were turned into teachers to be calculated.

Mrs. Hazen’s fifth-grade classroom won this year’s fundraising competition.

Although the event is a long-term tradition at the school, this is the first year that the Landing School’s fundraiser has an honoree.

Teachers wearing “Be Kind” shirts during Spirit Week

“Having Annabelle Martone as a student honoree in the Light The Night campaign profoundly impacted the event and students’ involvement at Landing School,” said teacher Maria DePace.

DePace was heavily involved in planning the fundraiser, and spearheaded may of the events.

“Her personal battle with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia brought a heightened emotional connection to the cause among students, teachers and families,” DePace continued.

Students at the Dance-A-Thon

Annabelle’s story has provided Landing School students with an opportunity to learn more about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year’s campaign fostered a strong sense of community within the school.

Administrators hope that this experience will leave a lasting impact on their students, cultivating a sense of generosity.

Throughout the month, students raised over $4,500 in support of Annabelle and the fight against leukemia and lymphoma.

Students and faculty in Mets merchandise

“These activities not only raised over $4,500 but also fostered a strong sense of community and empathy among students.” DePace said. “Staff members found joy in witnessing the enthusiasm and commitment of their students to the cause, highlighting the event’s success in uniting the school community.”

To ensure inclusivity, there was a diverse set of events to cater towards students’ interests and abilities. The events reinforced the school’s sense of community.

“It’s amazing to see how our students have rallied together for Annabelle and this important cause,” said DePace. “Their enthusiasm and generosity are a testament to the strength and compassion of our school community.”

Students at Landing School’s Dance-A-Thon

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