Elegance Embodied: Unveiling the opulence of an exquisite luxury fashion emporium

BY Christy Hinko

Tucked neatly and unassumingly into the crux of the Great Neck peninsula is the newest luxury clothier to arrive on the Gold Coast, MSA Haute Couture. Although not new to the industry by any means, MSA Haute Couture is heartily established with nearly four decades of experience and an elite following of who’s who from across the country, originating first in Manhattan. The company has since closed its city location to focus on the Great Neck boutique; the word is catching on like wildfire, while also maintaining some renowned discretion.
“We are the best-kept secret, just like we were in New York,” MSA Haute Couture spokesman Rob Feinberg said. “We have built a store that we love, from the ground up and it is an entirely different luxury experience here than it was in Manhattan; long-time customers come to the Great Neck store and are amazed.”
The store’s deals on luxury items are too good to reveal. If you know your luxury brands, their quality and value, this is definitely the store for you.
“The experience is intimate,” said Feinberg. “People expect to stop in for an hour and stay for three or four hours.”
It is not uncommon to find personal shopping professionals on assignment or chauffeured shoppers frequenting the boutique, on excursions from the city.
“We have regular clients come over from New Jersey and Connecticut and several who fly in from California quarterly,” Feinberg said. “It’s all about luxury here.”
Most of the boutique’s business is by appointment and every thread in the boutique is certainly impressive.
“A lot of our clients are looking for gorgeous gowns, for weddings, galas or other high-end events,” Feinberg said. “If we know a client is coming, we will bring things over from our warehouse and prepare a personalized experience based on their preferences and size.”
Gowns run from approximately 25” to 34” in length, varying in styles, prints, sleeve design and price. The boutique also caters to all demographics.
“We are a destination for anyone who wants to buy something nice, whether that is a bag, shoes, a dress or a jacket,” Feinberg said. “Younger shoppers love this place as much as the more refined client.”
The boutique staff are excited to meet new clients, especially those who have never experienced the store while it had been established in the city.
“Our new clients cannot believe the prices on some of the items that at full price might not have been as desirable,” Feinberg said. “Ten years ago, I might have said that only 85 percent of Americans wanted to buy at a discount, but today, I would say more like 98 percent of Americans want to buy things at a discount, no matter what their variable spending budget allows.”
MSA Haute Couture is the perfect place to shop, especially if you aspire to begin building a luxury wardrobe, or supplement an existing one.
“There is no other shopping experience like this in the area, “Feinberg said. “In addition to the shopping experience, we host charity shopping events with a percentage of the day’s sale going to nonprofit organizations.”
MSA Haute Couture has the capacity for a private shopping experience with friends, family and colleagues, bringing in photographers, setting up the special runways and backdrops for a “private fashion show” event.
“We love private parties too; they are fun,” Feinberg said. “People come in with their friends and have this beautiful place to try on clothing, have their pictures taken by a professional and have a great time.”
The boutique stocks sizes from zero to 14, but does offer some size 16 items that regularly sell out quickly.
Street and municipal parking are available. Shoppers with reservations can make arrangements to park in the boutique’s private parking lot behind the store, with access to the private rear entrance. MSA Haute Couture is located at 8 Hicks Ln., just east of Middle Neck Rd. in Great Neck. The store is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit to shop online or call 212-730-0788 for an appointment and more details.

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