(From left) Bernadette Quinn, Susan Marasco, Margarita Daskalakis, Sarah Mizrahi, Michelle Mazur-Groskopf, Amy Nizzo, Corrin Dunn and Sharon Piscopia. Not pictured Cristina Kennedy, Jessica Whitehill and Chuck Santarelli). (Photo courtesy of the East Williston Union Free School District)

East Williston Board Of Education Honors Parents

The East Williston Board of Education and administrators recognized several parents for their outstanding work and involvement with the PTO throughout the school year. During the June 10 meeting, they expressed their gratitude towards Margarita Daskalakis, Corrin Dunn, Cristina Kennedy, Susan Marasco, Michelle Mazur-Groskopf, Sarah Mizrahi, Amy Nizzo, Sharon Piscopia, Bernadette Quinn, Chuck Santarelli and Jessica Whitehill.

The district is grateful for all they do, recognizing that their contributions extend far beyond the confines of the classroom, impacting the lives of every child and family. Their unwavering commitment, whether through organizing events, fundraising or providing essential resources, has left an indelible mark on the school community.

Sharon Piscopia, who is president of the PTO Executive Council, was recognized for her contributions to the community.

Corrin Dunn and Christina Kennedy, who are co-presidents of the North Side PTO Executive Board, were recognized for a variety of events they organize. They’ve helped facilitate kindergarten welcome backpacks, school spirit shirts, school planners, Family Fun Night, Jack-O-Lantern Night, pizza making, All-Star Bingo Night, Fall Festival, teacher breakfasts, Appreciation Day, June staff luncheon, indoor and outdoor recess supplies, fourth-grade graduation T-shirts, Willets bags, moving-up celebration, kindergarten North Side water bottles, Growing Up celebration, courtyard garden plantings, décor to kindergarten and first-grade planting days, lawn signs, as well as flexible seating for classrooms, BMX bike assembly, Dance-a-Thon, classroom library organizers, Field Day Give-A-Way, yoga mats, fourth-grade picture, take-home book bags, Red Ribbon Week, and grade level libraries.

Amy Nizzo and Jessica Whitehill, who are co-presidents of the Willets Road PTO Executive Board, were recognized for the Willets Road’s Halloween Party, recess equipment, bake sales, classroom mini grants, seventh grade gifts for all students, SPARK T-shirts for all grades, Field Day T-shirts for all grades, Field day ice pops, welcome back breakfast to staff and staff luncheons.

Michelle Mazur-Groskopf, who is president of the Wheatley PTO Executive Board, was recognized for The Wheatley School’s senior sunrise event, staff welcome back breakfast, Homecoming, start time committee, safety committee, DASA committee, faculty appreciation luncheon, senior party, PTO student scholarships and PTO Teacher of the Year award.

Sarah Mizrahi and Margarita Daskalakis, who are co-presidents of the Special Education Parent Council, were recognized for Meet and Greet hosted by Mrs. Daskalakis, monthly meetings highlighting areas of interest, participation in the CSE process, fall and spring events and Connections Dance.

Bernadette Quinn, Susan Marasco and Chuck Santarelli, who are members of the Wildcat Athletic Foundation, were recognized for selling snacks and drinks at athletic games, assisting on the Homecoming Committee and alumni baseball game, as well as celebrating student-athletes, teams, and coach accomplishments.

Information provided by the East Williston Union Free School District.

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