Daly and Sousa students taking a tour of the Sands-Willets House

Daly And Sousa Second-Graders Visit The Historical Society

Daly and Sousa Elementary School second-graders recently took a field trip to the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society’s “Then and Now” program.

The children learned about everyday life when the Sands family lived at the Sands-Willets House. Students learned how the Sands family cooked on the hearth and in the beehive oven and how they washed clothes with a washboard and mangler.

In addition to the lunch they brought from home, the children enjoyed butter-on-crackers that they made themselves with heavy cream.

Students observing the beehive oven (Photos from the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society)

To learn more about the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society, visit

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