An Albany Avenue student showcases his Nepal table at Multicultural Night.

‘Dalers Celebrate Diversity

Albany Avenue family showcases their Jamaica table at Multicultural Night. (Contributed photos)

Albany Avenue Elementary School held its first Multicultural Night, a school-wide celebration of students’ culture. The cafeteria was transformed into a World Showcase, featuring an array of cultural displays that took attendees on a journey around the world. This exciting event, organized by teachers Mrs. Jillian Jimenez and Mrs. Emily DiSanto, aimed to create an environment where everyone felt welcome and valued.

“We aimed to create an event that would enable students and their families to discover and appreciate the various cultures in our school community,” said third-grade teacher Emily DiSanto. “We hope students learned new languages and customs, played games and activities, and tried delicious food!”

The school cafeteria was adorned with decorative tables, each featuring the heritage of a different culture. Poster boards were filled with information about various cultures, and families dressed in traditional clothing proudly shared their holiday traditions, sports, and games. Flags, artwork, and artifacts were on display, and the event was accompanied by traditional music and spoken languages.

The night’s highlight was the extensive international spread of traditional dishes. The event was a great success as students and their families enjoyed learning about each other’s cultures while savoring the delicious food.

“As a memento from the event, we created an AAE Family Cookbook and made copies for families to take home with them and sample food from around the world in their own kitchen,” said fifth-grade teacher Jillian Jimenez. “We look forward to making Multicultural Night a yearly tradition at Albany Avenue!”

This event provided a unique opportunity for students and families to come together and appreciate the diversity in their school community. It was a celebration of diversity and a chance to educate others about different cultures. The event served as a reminder that even though we may come from different backgrounds, we all have something to offer and share.
The Albany Avenue Multicultural Night was a resounding success and is sure to become an annual tradition. It was a night filled with joy, laughter, and cultural exchange that left everyone feeling proud of their heritage while appreciating the diversity in their community.

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