Trinity Hudson (Photo courtesy Kimberly Hudson)

Congratulations To Glen Cove’s Trinity Hudson

Glen Cove’s Trinity Hudson (who graduated from Glen Cove High School in 2019 as its second leading scorer in the girls basketball program history, six points behind her sister Taylah and the leading scorer in Nassau County) was selected to the East Coast Conference’s All-Conference Second Team.
Trinity was the leading rebounder in the ECC and the NCAA’s 2nd leading defensive rebounder in the country.
The 6’1 hybrid guard was the fourth leading overall rebounder in the nation, she also led the country in Double-Doubles being 5th in the nation with 17 double doubles on the season. She was also the ninth leading scorer in the ECC with 13.2 points per game.
Trinity also made Molloy history and is now one of its top five leading rebounders in the school’s history.
Trinity was selected as the ECCs Player of the Week twice this season.
Trinity earned a full scholarship to Molloy and is graduating with a five-year Bachelor’s degree in elementary education in May. She accomplished all these accolades while also doing her student teaching each day at Hewitt Elementary school in Rockville Centre.
Trinity is now being scouted to play women’s basketball overseas in Europe.
“I feel this is a momentous and inspiring story for our local young female athletes,” said Trinity’s mom, Kimberly Hudson.
—Submitted by Kimberly Hudson

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