North Shore High School Sports Night

For over 20 years, North Shore High School has held the annual Sports Night competition. As with tradition, the freshman competed dressed in green, while the sophomores excelled in blue,

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North Shore Schools Budget Update

The North Shore School District was already facing challenges when planning the 2024-2025 budget. The district announced in 2022 that it lost its biggest taxpayer, the LIPA Glenwood Landing power

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Locust Valley Budget Update

At the Jan. 17 Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education meeting, the 2024-2024 preliminary tax levy was announced. The tax levy is approximately $86 million, a 1.95 percent

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Ukrainian Rocker Talks
Fundraising For Friends,
25 Years Of Touring

Gogol Bordello to play free benefit
in Tompkins Square Park

By Cory Olsen – April 15, 2024


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