Board of Education Election: Support for Nanette Melkonian

Nanette Melkonian is running for re-election as a trustee on the Port Washington School Board. Nanette has my full support! For eight years, I have known Nanette to be a tireless volunteer, constantly working toward greater support for children within our community. We first met as volunteer leaders of parent organizations within Port Washington. Quickly, I learned that Nanette’s quiet composure is her strength. Her ability to listen, understand, and solve problems sets her apart from most other people we know. Her discreet kindness and humble intelligence is precisely why I encourage you to consider voting to re-elect Nanette Melkonian for another term as PW School Board Trustee.

-Amy Snorteland, volunteer, parent, and resident of Port Washington

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Kevin James Thornton’s super second act

By Amanda Olsen • May 10, 2024


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