Board of Education Election: Support for Nanette Melkonian

A Jewel in the Crown of Our Board of Education!

I first got to know Nanette through her advocacy around education. Our initial discussions were about our own personal experiences as educators as well as mothers with young children in our district. Right away, it was clear that Nan knew her stuff around education and that her passion for it was palpable. We served on a board together aimed at lifting the quality of education for all students in our community. Having served alongside Nan provided me with a firsthand glimpse into her character and convictions. What initially struck me most about Nanette was her unwavering dedication to understanding diverse perspectives, coupled with her remarkable ability to foster meaningful dialogue – even in the face of disagreement. I remember sitting around a table with Nan and admiring her poise and grace as she respectfully listened to another colleague who had a very different perspective from her own. I was immediately impressed by Nan’s candor, compassion, and dedication to truly understand what the other person was saying, as well as her ability to find common ground. The two ended up elevating each other’s thinking as the rest of us watched in awe. This would become a common occurrence.

Aside from Nan’s natural propensity to connect with people and her clear passion for education, what has also impressed me about Nan is her commitment to making things better for ALL children. Nan’s work in our community started when her own children were small, but as they have all graduated, her dedication to making our schools the best they can be has remained steadfast. Nan’s heart is tremendous. Her passion and understanding of educational pedagogy and practices, coupled with her love of people and our community, make Nan Melkonian a true jewel in the crown of our Board of Education.

-Dina Maiella-Marro

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