Board of Education Election: Support for Nanette Melkonian

Over the past fifteen years or so, I have come to know Nanette Melkonian through our schools, but during her tenure over the past three years as a member of the Board of Education, I have seen even more closely her enthusiastic work for the students of Port Washington and the community.  With her strong background in education, Nanette has advocated tirelessly for ALL students, specifically working toward improving processes, curriculum, and policies that will benefit all of Port’s student body. She is as concerned with ensuring the best possible education for students who receive services for disabilities as she is with providing opportunities for the gifted and talented.  Through her work on the curriculum committee, she has brought issues surrounding college admissions to the attention of the district and worked to make an impact in this area.  Quite simply, she wants every student to receive exactly what they need to achieve success.

Nanette has shown time and time again during her term that she can effectively identify issues, help find solutions, and follows through to do her best to make improvements.  This focus is fundamental to the success of our school district.  She has worked toward creating an inclusive culture in Port and supported professional development for staff that furthers her goals of overall improvement, and works hard to make sure the community’s voice is heard.  And, if you have ever met her, you have come to know, she does it all with a smile.  People often wonder if communicating with a member of the BOE is “doing anything,” but when you communicate with Nanette, you don’t have to wonder. She ensures that concerns and compliments are heard, and always follows up to ensure that you know your breath is not wasted.  A vote for Nanette is a vote for the students of Port Washington – ALL students! In a packed race this year, don’t hesitate to continue supporting Nanette for Board of Education – she will continue to positively impact the district in many ways!

-Robin Milgrim

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