Board of Education Election: Support for Nanette Melkonian

Please join me in re-electing Nanette (Nan) Melkonian to Port Washington’s Schools’ Board of Education. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Nan when she was Co-President of AGATE as I was beginning my search for education resources for my family. Her ability to listen, provide perspective and advise are qualities I find extremely important in a Board Member’s role. During our joint time on AGATE I had the privilege of learning from Nan; not only learning about the organization but about the challenges and inequalities present in our district and how important it is to be the voice for all.

Nan’s first term on the Board has proven that she is successful in building bridges and advocating for all students. Creating equality across all aspects of the school district shows that she is focused on the growth of the community as a whole. Proven by her time working on the curriculum including AI, PEP and literacy (BOE Curriculum Committee), to drafting new district policies on grading, homework and inclusivity (Policy Committee) to her continued focus on DEI, mental health, school culture and professional development for teachers. Overall, her approach to the Board Position comes from one of strengthening our schools through education excellence for all learners. What better vision would you want for our children?

I have continually been impressed with Nanette’s contributions to our district and community even after her children have graduated from the Port Washington School District. I have the pleasure of running into Nan all over town and at functions across all topics. Nan is extremely engaged with our community, has a real pulse on what our district needs and most importantly wants to work with the other Board Members, Administrators, and parents. She is extremely approachable and really wants to hear from everyone in our community.

As a parent in the Port Washington School District with 4 children currently in the school system I am honored to vote for Nan and feel quite lucky to have her represent my family and our amazing Port community.

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024 please join me in proudly voting to re-elect Nanette Melkonian to the Port Washington Board of Education and supporting the district budget.

-Lauren King

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