Board of Education Election: Support for Nanette Melkonian

We are pleased and indeed honored to support Nanette Melkonian for re-election as a member of the Board of Education of Port Washington.

We have known Nanette and her family for many years and have appreciated beyond words her involvement and commitment to public education in our community. The focus and emphasis in her background and her activities both before and during her tenure as a Board member and, thus, as Trustee for our public school system has been on education at all levels. In dealing with all the challenges of today’s world, the critical consideration must be to provide to our students the opportunity to learn about all matters that affect us and the most effective means of addressing those matters. Nanette brings to this task her own background, spanning decades as a teacher, as a participant and as a leader of many programs and organizations all involved in, or with, education.

She brings to the Board a powerful intellect and ability to both listen and get things done. Our community will be blessed to have Nanette Melkonian be re-elected for another term as a Member of our Board of Education.

-Kay and Leo Ullman

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