Blakeman Gives State Of The County Address

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman delivered his State of the County Address on Wednesday March 6. Blakeman touted 2023 as a success for the county, highlighted by a surplus budget, an increase in police officers, and no change in property taxes.
“There will be no tax increase for the next three years,” said Blakeman.
Blakeman boasted of his administration’s prudent financial management, citing that Nassau and Suffolk County residents sent over $14 billion in taxes more than they received in state aid. The county executive used Wednesday as an opportunity to critique New York state officials.
“We are the piggy bank for the State of New York, and it would be nice if the state would join us in some of the things that are important to our residents and not things that are important to other regions in the state,” Blakeman said.
He called the New York State Excelsior healthcare plan, “another blow against Nassau County from the state,” and criticized the state’s drastic reduction of aid to Nassau University Medical Center in 2023.
“The state has defunded our only hospital that is a safety net for our most vulnerable,” said Blakeman.
The county executive also used the State of the County as an opportunity to knock the sanctuary policies for migrants in New York.
“Nassau County is not a sanctuary county,” said Blakeman. “There is no migrant program in Nassau County. Unfortunately, Nassau County has become a border county because of the misguided policies in the state and city of New York, who are a sanctuary state and a sanctuary city. We don’t want that here in Nassau County— the homelessness and the crime.”
Blakeman assured county residents that the police department is working closely with federal partners including Immigration and Customs Enforcement and border control to fight back against what he called, a “foreign invasion”.
The county executive proudly boasted about increasing the number of police officers on county streets, noting that he has sworn in over two hundred new police officers since taking office in 2022.
“In Nassau County we back the blue, and we fund our police,” said Blakeman.
He claimed a reduction in major crime by 6 percent in 2023, but added that cashless bail policies, “continue to make our residents less safe.”
Despite this, Blakeman called Nassau County one of the best places to live in America, and among his ambitious plans for 2024 are a successful casino bid at the Nassau Coliseum site, as well as numerous events at Eisenhower Park, Mitchel Field, and Belmont Park.
“We’re very happy that the Elmont community will continue to host premiere racing because of the investment being made at Belmont racetrack,” Blakeman said regarding the $400 million renovations in progress.
The county executive was also excited to promote the International Cricket Council World Cup, a tournament that is being finalized to take place at Eisenhower Park this June. A temporary, modular stadium is already under construction and will host a match between India and Pakistan, which Blakeman called the “premiere event” of the tournament.
The State of the County speech ended with Blakeman addressing his polarizing executive order from earlier this month banning transgender athletes from competing for local high schools.
“We are not anti-transgender. We are not transphobic here in Nassau County,” said Blakeman.
He defended his executive order as a deterrent to unsafe environments and unfair competition within high school sports.
“If they want, our great Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, Commissioner Belyea, and I will sit down if they want to start a transgender league or transgender team,” Blakeman said. “We are a loving county. We are home to every race, religion and ethnic group, and every lifestyle, but the bullying of women is something we cannot accept here in Nassau County.”

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