Mirsky and Lavine in the Assembly, March 18, 2024

Autism Flag Raised In Downtown Glen Cove

A flag representing the neurodivergent community is now flying over the City of Glen Cove. Thanks to the efforts of Assemblymember Charles Lavine (D-North Shore), the flag, designed by Jericho constituent Josh Mirsky, was raised today (4/25) at a special ceremony attended by Lavine and other dignitaries including the city’s mayor and representatives of the City Council. The event, which was spearheaded by Lavine’s office, comes during National Autism Awareness Month with the goal of creating more awareness about autism and a greater understanding and acceptance of those in the neurodivergent community.

“By raising the neurodiversity strength flag, the City of Glen Cove is showing that they stand up with progress and inclusion and that they stand with the neurodiverse people and showing them that we see you, we hear you, and we respect you,” said Mirsky.

From the left: Assemblymember Lavine; Deputy Mayor, Donna McNaughton; City Councilwoman Marsha Silverman; Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck; Josh Mirsky with his father; and Councilman John Zozzaro at flag raising in Glen Cove, April 25, 2024 (Photos courtesy of the Office of Assemblymember Charles Lavine)

Mirsky is a member of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board and is Cofounder and Host of the Sounds Like Autism podcast. Josh was recently officially introduced by Assemblymember Lavine on the Assembly floor. He has been working to get a bill passed in the legislature establishing his flag as the official state flag for raising awareness of neurodiversity.

“Josh is a stalwart and hardened advocate for human rights. He stands for community and for respect for people who are neurodivergent,” said Lavine.

See web links for status of the legislation:

—Submitted by the Office of NYS Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine

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