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New “Wonder-FULL” Art Show at SMUSHT invites you to be a kid again

MomTime Events is happy to interrupt the winter doldrums with pops of wonder, color and joy and cordially invite you to visit a special winter Soulshots & Skypics Series: “Wonder-FULL”, exhibiting at Smusht (158 Main St.) now thru Thursday, Feb. 29.


Cynthia Litman
(Photos from Cynthia Litman)

The “Wonder-FULL” exhibit is by local resident Cynthia Litman. Litman is best known as the founder of Mommas Pearls & MomTime Events and for her involvement in the community. Prior SoulShot & Skypic Series exhibitions include: 2017 Residents Gala, Dolphin Bookshop & the Pride of Cow Bay Nautical Museum 2019 (Red Tug Boat) which had an extended stay thanks to COVID. MomTime Events produces local arts, entertainment and specialty experiences, tentpole events for nonprofit organizations and inspires busy moms to carve their MomTime.

“A core value of MomTime Events is to support and connect Port’s local business, social and charitable community through art, entertainment, cultural and specialty experiences,” Litman shared with the Port Washington News. “Smusht is an awesome addition to Main Street and to Port. Steve’s creative tastes and events are just the mix of magic and collaborations we need! He’s been an incredible community supporter and it’s been so fun to collaborate and it’s exactly what makes Port so ‘Wonder-FULL.”

The “Wonder-FULL” exhibit will warm you up from the inside out and inspire you to reconnect with your inner child. Like a kid in an ice cream shop, it’s important to never fully grow up and always have an element of play in your life.

“With all the darkness of late flipping the world back into good versus evil, and feeling like I’m growing up way too fast with my son in his senior year of high school, I was searching for something light,” Litman said.

If you’ve lost your sense of play amongst all the adulting and to do’s, recall the last time your child-like wonder was piqued. How can you bring joy and play back into your own life? Art, with a scoop of ice cream of course! The artist believes it’s never too cold and you are never too old for ice cream.

This specially curated Soulshot & Skypic Series by local resident Cynthia Litman presents themes of freedom, travel, nature, beauty and dance to evoke your sense of WONDER and awaken your inner child.

“The pieces in the “Wonder-FULL” Soulshots & Skypics series were inspired by ice cream! Entering any ice cream shop anywhere in the world evokes the same feelings of excitement, pure fun and child like joy,” said Litman. “So, I set out to create an Art Show that mirrors the feelings you had being a kid in an ice cream shop!”

Steve Edelson, owner of Smusht shares, “there is a lot of talent within the Port Washington Community and not a lot of space for local artists to share their work. Smusht is a fun environment to share art and create a more fun and inspiring environment for kids.”

When Edelson offered to show some of Litman’s photography on the walls of Smusht, the first image that popped to her mind was of the “Wonder Wheel.”

‘Wonder Wheel’

“To me, the ‘Wonder Wheel’ speaks directly of childhood, the fears and excitement of hopping on the ferris wheel, the perspective from the top where the world looks so small and the sights and sounds of the carnival muffled below. Round and round you go in the cycle of life and before you know it, the ride is over. Much like eating ice cream, when that first scoop is so perfect, but you gotta eat it fast before it melts. Like life, you gotta enjoy the moment before it passes,” said Litman. “Wonder Wheel was captured at the Italian Fest which is always held at the beginning of the school year. I’ve been going with my family each year for my almost two decades in Port.”

The Wonder-FULL pieces may be purchased at any time and will be available for pick up after the exhibition. Twenty percent of all art sales will be donated to Schreiber HSA for the Gambol 2024.

Please visit for more information about the artist and the “Wonder-FULL” Series or visit @MomTimeEvents on Facebook or Instagram.

—Submitted by MomTime Events with additional reporting by Julie Prisco

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