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Anticipating Roslyn Education In 2024

2023 was a great year for Long Island’s north shore schools. Seven of the north shore’s 27 public elementary schools were ranked in the top 100 in New York State, according to rankings by U.S. News & World Report. As the 2023 yearly reports have emerged,  it was clear Roslyn’s schools made a great showing. 

The top seven schools on the north shore included the Herricks School District. Herricks placed third out of all Long Island schools. All three of the Herricks Union Free School District elementary schools were ranked in the state’s top 100. This included Denton Avenue School at No. 69, Searingtown School at No. 70 and Center Street School at No. 84. 

Roslyn’s two elementary schools also placed in the publication’s top 200 rankings, with East Hills Elementary School placing 127th and Harbor Hill School placing 155th in the state.

Students in grades 3-9 made positive strides in math and English, according to data from the state Department of Education. Both the Herricks and Roslyn districts shone, ranking highly among the state in either assessment, designated by the review as “Well Above Expectation.” In English, Hericks was tied at No. 15 with 80 percent, and Roslyn was tied at No. 21 with 77 percent. In math, Herricks was tied at No. 9 with 89 percent, and Roslyn tied with Manhasset at No. 11, around 88 percent.

These scores are particularly impressive during a time of great change in New York’s system of education. The education department earlier this month reported district scores for students statewide who participated in spring tests last school year under new learning guidelines known as “Next Generation.” The new guidelines were adopted in 2017 and enacted this year, replacing the previous Common Core guidelines.

But because this is the first year of new learning standards, the education department said this year’s test results are not comparable to prior years due to changes. The department has made similar statements in the previous years due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning.

This confirms that for Roslyn students, the next year will be crucial in continuing the standard of excellence which has been set. But some members of the community worry for what 2024 has in store. This worry stems from parental involvement with the school board, which some perceive as insufficient. 

At the end of last year, Amin Daneshmandnia, a student at Roslyn High School, wrote an article for The Island 360 discussing where he feels
that the public could be more involved with the school board. He said, “The Roslyn Board of Education schedules meetings twice a month, where the public is supposed to attend to engage with the school administered.” Though he does amend that, “Supposed is a strong word, considering public turnout is rare and minimal compared to other school boards.”

Daneshmandnia was the only member of the public at the December meeting which he attended, and wondered why this might be. He posits that Roslyn’s growing number of Spanish speaking residents might not feel welcomed or accommodated at these meetings, which might dissuade them from attending. 

Whatever the reason, the limited support and engagement of the Roslyn public with schools is a detriment to
the community. “If we look at it from a psychological point of view, a large
public attendance would give board members confidence that their
electorate is actively engaged with the legislation the board makes,” Daneshmandnia states. “In turn, the electorate (public), would have immersed confidence that their concerns are
being properly addressed by the candidates they have elected and entrusted.
A foundation of trust enhances a
[situation] that thrives on public engagement and involvement.”

There is still much to be seen as our post-Covid generation learns and grows. How we choose to engage with our schools can aid the continued growth and success of our youth. One thing is for certain; with the right support, there is no stopping Roslyn schools!

—Additional information sourced 

from The Island 360

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