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AHRC Nassau Is Seeking Volunteers

King Quality Cares funds TV commercial calling for support of the local chapters of The Arc New York

As part of King Quality’s efforts to support Long Island charities and community organizations, King Quality Cares has awarded two marketing grants to AHRC Nassau and Suffolk.

King Quality Roofing and Siding is a Bohemia-based contractor. About two years ago, at an annual turkey drive King Quality hosts, the team got to talking about how great it is to give back to the community. While bouncing around ideas to do more for the community, they came up with the idea to start an outreach program, King Quality Cares. The philanthropic organization helps local charities and non-profits build awareness through strategic and targeted marketing support.

King Quality Cares takes its responsibility seriously. In quarterly meetings, the team engages in thoughtful discussions about the group’s making a difference in Long Island communities. They meticulously select an organization to receive a marketing grant, ensuring that the chosen one aligns with their values and mission. King Quality Cares has previously worked with organizations such as such as Long Island Against Domestic Violence and John’s Crazy Socks. This process led to the recognition of AHRC Nassau and Suffolk during a King Quality Cares meeting in December.

AHRC Nassau and Suffolk are the local chapters of The Arc New York, which serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Suffolk and Nassau counties. The AHRC Nassau headquarters is located in Brookville.

“This customer’s passion for AHRC Nassau showed through,” said King Quality CEO Jeff Brett. “And when I brought AHRC Nassau up in the meeting, everyone who knew the company began talking about how great they are.”

King Quality Cares decided to split its $50,000 marketing grant between the two Long Island chapters: $25,000 for AHRC Nassau and $25,000 for AHRC Suffolk.

“We started King Quality Cares because we realized our impact could go beyond improving homes. It’s our way of energizing the community so we can all build Long Island to be a better place,” said Brett. “While both AHRC Suffolk and Nassau do the incredible work of caring for neighbors with disabilities, they have different needs right now and we hope Long Islanders see the commercials and get involved.”

The commercial focuses on one of AHRC Nassau’s newest programs, The Thomas S. Gulotta Wheatley Farms and Arts Center in Brookville. Wheatley Farms and Arts Center opened in the summer of 2022 and with the center’s growing popularity, AHRC Nassau is seeking more volunteers to help the team.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to share the mission, especially about this program because it’s so special, and invite the community into that space,” said AHRC Volunteer and Project Coordinator Jerri Walker.

AHRC Nassau is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and with Wheatley Farms and Arts Center having been in development for the past three years, it was a perfect time to spread the word about the new program AHRC Nassau is offering.

“Wheatley Farms and Arts Center is an educational center for people to come together from the community, volunteers, and people of all abilities. Everyone’s welcome to enjoy connecting to nature, connecting to the animals on the farm, and connecting to people who share the same interests,” said Walker.

“We have ponies, goats, a two-year-old pig, peacocks and rabbits. We do a lot of growing and planting as well. We’re developing a hydroponic system so that we can do a lot of community giveback with grow-to-give initiatives,” explained Walker.

In addition to the outdoor farm, Wheatley Farms and Arts Center has a farmhouse and clubhouse in development. “It’s going to be featuring a demonstration kitchen, an art room, a music room. We are finishing a zen garden with a water feature. And we plan to have some types of educational classes held there,” said Walker.

AHRC Nassau’s commitment to their community and improving experiences for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is evident to anyone who works with them. While filming the commercial, Brett got to meet some employees and volunteers, such as Gordon Wolfe who is featured in the commercial.

Gordon gardening (Photos from AHRC Nassau)

“Gordon was just unbelievable. He told me about his goals are in life, and how he wants to work with animals, to work on a farm. He was telling me about the farm they have at AHRC Nassau, which is a game changer,” said Brett. “It’s a place to go even if your kids aren’t involved in AHRC. But for special needs kids, the animals, the place, the people are set up where they’re aware of loud noises and that stimulation is good or might not be good.”

“I met a lot of people in the program. And to watch the employees, you can see they’re not just employees, it’s a family at AHRC,” said Brett. “Nobody works at AHRC unless it’s their passion. I wish they could get out how amazing they are, and that’s what we tried showing with the commercial.”

In addition to the marketing grant provided by King Quality Cares, Altice USA (formerly Cablevision) donated time with their cameras and green room for the filming and production of the commercial. According to Brett, the commercials aired on News 12, and they will be aired during some Yankee games and Knicks games.

Wheatley Farms invites individuals, small groups, Eagle Scout candidates and corporate groups (up to 150) to be part of this unique volunteering opportunity across the 2.5-acre site.

Volunteers have the opportunity to join in animal care and companionship, planting/harvesting of vegetable patches and floral gardens as well as seasonal (spring/fall) maintenance operations.

To learn more about how you can make a difference, visit For more information about AHRC Nassau’s services, visit

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