Anton’s magazines are published fourtimes a year and delivered to some of the wealthiest demographics in the United States.

Our magazine portfolio offers advertisers a unique opportunity—high-end luxury magazines with excellent demographics and a hyper-local delivery.

Unique local features:

Fashion • Real Estate • Theater • Celebrity Interviews • TV • Movies
Entertainment • Social Diaries • Food and Dining


Magazine Ad Specifications

Camera Ready PDF Specifications

  • PDFs are “self-contained” files and do not require additional files (photos, logos, etc.) to be sent with them. All PDFs received must meet the PDF X-1/A 2003 Print Standard. All files must have file extensions (.tif, .eps, .pdf, .doc, .jpg, .psd, .ai).
  • All fonts must be either Post Script and/or Open Type and must be embedded. All images must be Grayscale, CMYK or Spot Colors. Additionally, there should be no transparencies in the PDF. PDFs failing to meet these requirements, including proper size, cannot be accepted.
  • Any color built with more than 84% black is considered a “rich black” and will print as solid black.

Preferred Materials

  • All photos must be high resolution (180 dpi or above, with 300 dpi preferred). JPEG, TIFF, EPS files are accepted.
  • Fonts are licensed pieces of software. In most cases, we will not install or use a font that does not meet our system requirements, a font that we do not own or that is not part of our library. If a client requires a certain font, please identify the font and we will check if we have it. We also accept MS Word (for copy only), Photoshop and Illustrator documents—no others.
  • Fine lines and serif type fonts are not recommended to be printed in reverse.
  • All color must be built in CMYK. Please note: Any files that are RGB must be converted to CMYK. This will change or potentially change the appearance of the image.

Production Charges

  • No production charges will be made for PDF files prepared to exact scheduled size. Ads requiring art department preparation are subject to billing for production services at $35/hour charge. Layout & design services available at $65/hour.

Note: Back cover ads run full bleed, at 8.625 x 11.125. For all full bleed ads, all important imagery and text must be kept within 7.85 x 10.35.

Publisher’s Protective Clause: The publisher reserves the right to revise on 10 days notice any rates, terms and conditions of this rate card applicable to contract advertisers. Revisions affecting non-contract advertising may be made without notice. Publisher is not responsible for failure to publish any advertisements because of labor disputes, strikes, government action, war, fire, riots, breakdown of equipment, acts of God or other circumstances beyond the publisher’s control.