Adam Block for Re-Election to the Port Washington School District Board of Education

Dear Port Washington Community,

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Port Washington School Board. Over the past term, I have had the honor of serving our community, and together, my fellow BOE members and I have made real tangible progress in improving our schools the entire community.  Here are some of the accomplishments we have achieved together:

  1. Improved Conference Schedule: In the 2022-2023 academic year, we listened to feedback from teachers, students, and parents and made significant changes to our conference schedule. By replacing 3 one-off ½ day conferences with 1 full day and 1 half day conference, making scheduling easier for families.
  2. Expanded After-School Care: Recognizing the needs of working families, we have expanded after-school care programs to all five elementary schools The enrollment in these programs is booming, and when I pick up my son from Salem, the kids are all having a great time getting the play time together that can sometimes be hard for working parents to consistently provide after school.
  3. Implementation of Strategic Plan: Starting from the 2021-2022 school year, we have implemented a Strategic Plan for our district. This shows the district is thinking about tomorrow.
  4. Revamped Homework Policy: After 20 years, this BOE added time requirements for every grade, we are promoting a more balanced approach to homework.
  5. Responsible Fiscal Management: In May 2022, our community overwhelmingly supported the Capital Reserve, budget, and reserve, with over 75% approval. We are now utilizing this Capital Reserve to address critical infrastructure needs such as improving roofs and drainage systems in 2024.
  6. Environmental Stewardship: We are proud to announce a budget-neutral solar panel installation project scheduled for 2024. This initiative will significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, cutting down district electricity costs by 30-40%, equivalent to saving $600,000 annually.

These are just a few key accomplishments.  For my next term I want to focus on expanding athletics, making additional teams more accessible to all and improving consistency across classrooms and schools bringing the best of Port Washington education to everyone.  You have my word that if re-elected, I will continue to speak my mind and push for the changes we all believe are possible.

Thank you for your continued confidence.

-Adam E. Block, Port Washington School Board Member


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