In Garden City, Tom Armato and Jake Babsin have been putting their green thumbs to work bringing out blossoms each year. (Credit: Village of Garden City)

A Garden Grows In Garden City

Tulips, impatiens, mums, marigolds, pansies, begonias. You’ll see it all depending on the season. It’s a meticulous job to grow a garden in Garden City but Tom Armato and Jake Babsin are always up for the challenge. In fact, the two-man planting crew is already preparing flower beds for the summer.

Garden City Recreation and Parks Commissioner Paul Blake can’t say enough about their dedication. “Tom and Jake are two very devoted employees who take great pride in making the Village the colorful showplace it is,” he said.

And boy does it show. Just walk around downtown and see the fruits of their labor – a burst of colorful spring tulips – 48,000 to be exact, near the Gazebo, surrounding the clock tower, dressing up Village signage and painting Franklin Avenue, New Hyde Park Road and 7th Street.

Armato, who’s been with the Village for 18 years, said maintaining bright and attractive displays is a full-time job. “We’re always prepping or planting,” he said. In fact, just last month they planted a Norway Spruce on the Village Green for Arbor Day and have already begun preparing pots and flower beds at the Pool for the June 8th opening. “It takes two weeks to properly prep the beds,” Babsin noted.

Garden City will soon boast signs of summer as this duo of master gardeners makes their way through the Village filling flower pots, sprucing up beds and adorning lamp poles with colorful hanging baskets for residents and visitors alike to enjoy while shopping and dining al fresco.

— Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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