(Photo from the Nassau County Police Department)

911 System Restored In Nassau County

According to Nassau County, there was a reported 911 outage in the Nassau County area on Monday afternoon. The outage lasted for about 45 minutes.

At the time of the outage, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman stated, “We have been informed that our 911 line is down. The vendor who operates the system has been contacted and is immediately pursuing a solution.”

The county advised residents to call the numbers of the police precinct in their area for emergencies while the 911 system was down.


For a Fire emergency call: 516-742-3300

If it’s a Police emergency, call your local precinct:

First Precinct: (516) 573-6100
Second Precinct: (516) 573-6200
Third Precinct: (516) 573-6300
Fourth Precinct: (516) 573-6400
Fifth Precinct: (516) 573-6500
Sixth Precinct: (516) 573-6600
Seventh Precinct: (516) 573-6700
Eighth Precinct: (516) 573-6800

To find your your precinct, click here.


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